Double Screen Board

Double beehive screen board that allows you to effectively run a 2-queen hive.


The double screen isolates the bees that are above from the bees that are below the screen, while still allowing heat to circulate in the hive. By manipulating the three different double entrances, one can add or subtract bees from the top or bottom, or run a split on top of one parent colony. Can also be used to increase hive population and foster swarm control.

Comes fully assembled with screws for durability. Available in 8-Frame or 10-Frame.


  • 10 Frame: 20” long x 16 1/4” wide x 1 1/4” high
  • 8 Frame: 20” long x 14” wide x 1 1/4” high

These boards are recommended to the experienced beekeeper who has both the time and inclination to manipulate a hive for maximum population and production.