5-Frame Pine Entrance Reducer

Add this reducer to your 5-frame nuc to help the colony defend its entrance.


Honeybee colonies are always on guard, defending their hives from robber bees or other insects that are trying to enter the hive to steal their honey stores. By reducing the entrance, you can help colonies to guard the entrance easier as there is less room for them to protect.

Crafted in the U.S. out of Eastern White Pine, our 5-frame entrance reducer can be used all year to help nucleus colonies focus on growing instead of guarding. It features a small cutout opening to use with newly started colonies, and a larger one that can be used once the colony gets stronger.

Works with our 5 frame nucs.


  • If you start to notice a lot of bearding, or many bees accumulating out front of the hive, it may be time to switch your entrance reducer to the larger opening. If the colony has grown strong enough, you may need to remove the reducer completely. Keep in mind that without adequate room for bees to enter the hive, there is a risk that the hive will swarm.