BeeSmart Inner/Outer Cover Combo

The ultimate pairing for the ultimate inner/outer cover solution.


BeeSmart’s brand new Ultimate Insulated Inner Cover has a perfect pair, the Ultimate Outer Cover. Packaged together to fit your ten frame hive, all you need is a feeder and you are on your way to helping your bees survive the heat, and thrive in the cold.


  • Ultra-tough Technopolymer construction will not rot or decay like wood
  • 2″ R-10 Insulation helps reduce colony energy demand
  • Help your bees overwinter: Excellent heat retention. Keeps condensation on outer walls.
  • Keep your bees cool: Includes riser vents to minimize heat gain in the summer. Less stress and lower water demand.
  • Works with any 10 frame outer cover, but is also compatible with the BeeSmart 8 Frame Ultimate Outer Cover
  • High density EPS foam does not degrade or absorb water; maintains R-value
  • 1.5 inch center hole is compatible with Bee Smart Feeder. Just cover with a hive body.
  • Center hole vent cap to seal hive
  • Storage compartment for Beesmart Robber Screen (not included)
  • Security pins: Keeps cover from moving.
  • Storage compartments: Keep spare parts handy.
  • Quick hive tool access points
  • Domed inner surface: Allows bees to move freely, has room for pollen patty, and keeps condensation to outside edge.
  • Upper entrance disc for adding separate entrance to upper hive body (optional)
  • Completely recyclable