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Ultimate Hive Top Feeder

The popular and easy way to feed your bees, with the ability to top up without disturbing the hive.


This popular feeder allows you to check feed levels, without the need to open the hive. The one gallon feeder has a perforated nipple and lock mechanism designed to fit through a 1" hole in the outer cover (most out covers will require this to be drilled), providing feed to your bees inside the hive. Just add your sugar syrup and your bees are all set.

Installation and Use (full instructions here)

  • You will need to drill an 1" hole in your outer cover to use this feeder
  • a cap is included, to cover the drilled hole when the feeder is not in use).
  • Machine screws are recommended when installing on a BeeMax cover
  • Some beekeepers use Honey Bee Healthy to reduce mold, but always remember to remove feeders with moldy syrup and clean them well before reapplying the feeder and feed

How to Feed Sugar Syrup

Spring Feeding: Create a 1:1 syrup using 1 lb. water (2 cups) to 1lb. sugar.

Fall Feeding: Make a 2:1 syrup using 2 lb. sugar per 1 lb. of water.

  • When making syrup, water must be very hot to dissolve sugar
  • Do not feed sugar syrup during cold weather when bees are not able to take cleansing flights
  • Pollen patties can be used to stimulate build-up of hives in anticipation of the spring flow, Be careful, though, not to feed too early, because pollen supplements will cause rapid expansion and there may not be enough bees to keep the brood warm.
  • Do not feed sugar syrup until it is warm enough for bees to fly regularly. If the weather is too cold, feed winter patties.

Key Features

  • Simple, easy-to-use and affordable
  • 1 gallon tank fits any size cover, telescoping or migratory.
  • Great for early season buildup, packages and splits
  • Perfect for fall feeding too and reduces the possibility of robbing (as compared to entrance feeders)
  • Gives bees easier/faster access to syrup
  • Twist lock keeps tank securely in place and will not blow off.
  • Monitor syrup level and refill without opening hive.
  • Works great with Ultimate Hive Cover.
  • EZ Lift/Grip Tank for easy handling
  • 1” diameter nipple with 6 holes for quick feeding

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
James c Anderson
bee keeper

always check the syrup flow prior to placing on the hive. if it is not on correctly all feed will be lost. it is easy to cross thread if not careful. after filling the drip should stop after 2- 4 oz. maybe I received a bad one???seems to be working now after my first fail

John Williams
Ultimate bee top feeder

Really like the product. Will buy more for all my hives👍

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