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Ultimate Hive Top Feeder


The easiest to use, most convenient Hive-Top Feeder with EZ-Grip Tank and Twist Lock to prevent dislodging.

Particularly useful for early-season buildup.


  • Simple. Easy to use. Affordable
  • 1 gallon tank fits any size cover, telescoping or migratory.
  • Great for early season buildup, packages and splits
  • Perfect for fall feeding – prevents robbing.
  • Gives bees easier/faster access to syrup
  • Twist lock keeps tank securely in place – will not blow off.
  • Monitor syrup level and refill without opening hive.
  • Works great with Ultimate Hive Cover.
  • EZ Lift/Grip Tank for easy handling
  • 1” diameter nipple with 6 holes for quick feeding

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Won't stop leaking into the hive. I filled it to the top of the threads and it still leaks. It will dribble for a few minutes, suck in some air through the feeder holes, and then continue dribbling. I'm very disappointed to say the least.

I am terribly sorry to hear of the problems you have faced with your feeder. We always request that customers contact us if there are any issues at all with products purchased from us. This is the first we have heard of your issue and I’d like to address this for you quickly.

We have sold many of these feeders and, with one exception, have not seen the issue you face. In that previous issue, we did have a faulty unit which, while rare, can occasionally happen. I am sure you are using the product according to its instructions so we have a couple of options for how to resolve this.

• We can send you a label to return the feeder and issue a full refund

• We can send you another feeder to replace this particular type of feeder

We take care of our customers and request that they offer us the chance to do so in the unlikely event problems like this occur by contacting us. I promise I will make sure this issue is resolved for you now that I am aware of this issue.

I have sent you an eMail and request that you let us know how you would like to proceed. Please respond to that and we will make sure to address your issue. Thank you.

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