Deep Rim Inner Cover

This deep rim inner beehive cover provides certain advantages during the winter months.


A beehive inner cover allows moisture to escape and fresh air to circulate throughout the hive, plus an upper bee exit/entrance when properly used with an outer cover. Put the inner cover on so the notch in its rim is at the front of the hive.

Be sure the outer cover is pushed forward so its overhang does not rest tightly against the hive and inner cover. This allows bees and air to exit the hole found at one end of the inner cover.

Our Deep Rim inner cover features a rim with round ventilation hole and quite a deep rim on one side to allow for feeding patties. When not feeding patties, flip the inner cover over so the shallow side is downward. This will prevent bees from building comb just under the inner cover.

If you forgot, just smoke the bees down and scrape the comb off with your hive tool. Round internal hole accepts a standard mason jar for internal syrup feeding.

Made of Luan plywood with a pine rim. Comes fully assembled.


  • 20″ long x 14″ wide (8 frame)
  • 20″ long x 16-1/4″ wide (10 frame)