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A BetterComb Hive Inspection

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There has been strong growth in interest recently for synthetic comb, as an effective way to help our bees establish themselves in a hive. The cost of building comb is significant for our bees, both in terms of the resources they need to collect as well as the energy they need to draw out fresh comb.

BetterComb is a very popular choice of synthetic comb, due to its use of a food-grade, virgin synthetic wax, very similar to beeswax. In this fascinating video, Dan Ski inspects a hive in which he has used BetterComb for some time.

Dan takes a close look at how the comb itself has fared, as well as a good view of his bees of course!

BetterComb is available from the PerfectBee store as sheets of comb or with frames (both in packs of 10). Wired frames and an embedding device are also available.

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