Start beekeeping next spring with our Through-The-Winter Beekeeping Class

Nov 1st 2019 to Jan 31st 2020

Enjoy the wonder of beekeeping. Our unique online course (and more!) prepare you to confidently install your first beehive next spring.

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Always wanted to Be a Beekeeper?

Given the vital role of pollinators and the threats they face today, there's no better time to become a beekeeper. PerfectBee Colony membership brings you the information and support you need to finally realize that dream.

For the 5th year, we're delivering our highly popular Through The Winter Beekeeping Course - but now it's bigger, better and has new benefits for the hobbyist beekeeper.

Our goal is simple - to set you up to confidently install your first beehive and start enjoying this amazing hobby. And if you are already a beekeeper, our wonderful beekeeping community will help you build on your experience.

How does it work?

Our Academy Course is just one part of our low-cost Colony membership.*

With our webinars to support your learning, we'll get you ready to start beekeeping in the spring

And if you are already a beekeeper, our community is a great way to engage with other beekeepers.

November through January (and beyond), we're here to help you learn a wonderful new hobby!

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PerfectBee Colony members have access to a unique set of resources helping them learn beekeeping, engage with other beekeepers and save money.

Our popular Through-The-Winter Beekeeping course is included and runs from Nov 1st till Jan 31st, preparing new beekeepers for their exciting new hobby and helping existing beekeepers build their knowledge. 

  • Our amazing 90+ lesson Academy Course
  • 9 Tests and 3 Certificates of Completion
  • Our fun Colony Cluster online meetups
  • Member-only discounts at the PerfectBee Store.
  • NEW THIS YEAR : The super-friendly and helpful Colony Beekeeping Forum
  • NEW THIS YEAR : More Academy lessons
  • NEW THIS YEAR : Completely new Academy webinars

Our amazing 90+ lesson Academy Course

9 Tests and 3 Certificates of Completion

Our fun Colony Cluster online meetups

Member-only discounts at the PerfectBee Store.

NEW : Access to the friendly and helpful Colony Beekeeping Forum

NEW : More Academy lessons

NEW : Completely new Academy webinars

Here's What's Included

Our low-cost Colony membership gives you all you see below, to help you learn about bees (on an ongoing basis), engage with other beekeepers and save money on your beekeeping supplies.

And with 9 scheduled webinars (recordings available after delivery), as part of our Through The Winter Beekeeping Course, we'll get you set for next spring!

Academy Course

90 detailed lessons over three structured sub-courses.

9 Webinars and Tests

Challenge yourself with our end-of-section tests

The Colony Forum

Engage with other beekeepers and ask your questions

Colony Cluster

Our informal, fun and informative online meetings

Colony Dispatch

Beyond-the-basics, members only beekeeping articles.

Store Discounts

Save on beehives and equipment with member discounts.

Learn With our Popular Academy Course

Academy includes three detailed courses (each with three sections), gradually building your knowledge of bees and beekeeping. Each each section includes a test (9 in all) and at the end of each course we'll send you a Certificate of Completion.

Course 1 : Nov 2019

Learn About Bees

1. The Science Of Bees

2. The Life Of Bees

3. About Beekeeping

Course 2 : Dec 2019

Your Beehive

1. Beehives & Accessories

2. Equipment & Clothing

3. Starting Your Beehive

Course 3 : Jan 2020

A Healthy Beehive

1. Threats to Bees

2. Inspecting Your Beehive

3. Reaping The Rewards

Academy Webinars

We all have our individual learning preferences. To augment the 90 lessons in our Academy course, we also offer 9 live webinars (one for each of the sections above) to solidify what you learn and a chance to ask your questions.

All webinars are scheduled for 8pm ET/5pm PT, with recordings of available subscribers within 24 hours of the live event

Course 1 : Learn About Bees

1.1 The Science of Bees

November 5th 2019

Species diversity, anatomy, genetics, pollination, honeycomb, lifecycle, pheromones and more

1.2 The Life of Bees

November 15th 2019

Bee senses, foraging, queen, drones, workers, making honey, swarms, honey flow, winter cluster and more

1.3 About Beekeeping

November 25th

Beekeeping with kids, urban beekeeping, neighbors, natural beekeeping, stings and more

Course 2 : Your Beehive

2.1 Beehive & Accessories

December 3rd 2019

What bees ansd beekeepers need, the different types of hive, foundationless beekeeping and more.

2.2 Equipment & Clothing

December 12th 2019

Using a smoker, feeding your bees, prorective clothing, beekeeping and technology and more

2.3 Starting Your Beehive

December 20th 2019

Installing your beehive, obtaining bees, beekeeping advocacy, packages of bees, nucs and more.

Course 3 : A Healthy Beehive

3.1 Threats to Bees

January 6th 2020

Colony Collapse Disorder, robbers, bears, diseases, nosema, fouldbrood, Varroa mites and more.

3.2 Inspecting Your Hive

January 14th 2020

Avoiding swarms, cross comb, managing capacity, the brood pattern, requeening and more

3.3 Reaping the Rewards

January 27th 2020

The many rewards of beekeeping, harvesting honey, and beeswax, making money and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course tell me all I need to start beekeeping?

It will. It’s a rich, structured and very well-received course. allowing you to confidently start beekeeping in the spring *

So, what else would I need next spring?

After following our course, just add hives, equipment (we can help save you money with those!) and bees and you will be enjoying the beautiful hobby of beekeeping.

When are the webinars?

We’ll be announcing the date and times in the next few days, but you can can’t on three each month, November through January.

What if I miss the webinars?

Don’t worry – Colony members have access to historical webinar recordings, including the new ones that will occur through the winter.

Can I move through at my own pace?

Yes, with one small qualifier. After you sign up as a Colony Member you will have access to the first section of our course (The Science of Bees). You can then move on to the next section – but only after you have passed our sectional test!

Should I maintain membership after the Course?

That’s entirely up to you but almost everyone does, because Colony membership offers so much more than the course itself. Colony is about helping hobbyist beekeepers – not just beginners – learn about beekeeping, engage with other beekeepers and save money.

Do I need to provide my credit card now?

Nope! As we lead up to Nov 1st, just register your interest at the top of this page by entering your name and eMail address. We’ll keep you up to date, as we approach the start, and you can sign up for Colony membership any time before Nov 1st.

Is there a long-term commitment?

Not at all! Access to our course is available through our Colony membership, a low-cost, cancel-anytime membership available through a monthly or annual plan.

What happens if I cancel?

We don’t have you go through hoops to cancel, if you choose to do so. Just go to your member account page and choose Cancel – it’s as simple as that. You will retain membership benefits till the end of your current billing period (monthly or annual) and won’t charge you again. 

Is there a benefit to signing up for an annual membership?

We are appreciative and honored when members sign up on the annual plan – and show our thanks by offering the 12 months for the price of 10! Yes, that’s two months free membership.

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