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The PerfectBee Beekeeping Course

Your Journey To Your First Beehive and Beyond

Our unique and totally free 3-part online course, delivered through our eMail newsletter, PerfectBee Buzz, builds your knowledge step-by-step, through fun and engaging articles covering all aspects of beekeeping.

Join over 20,000 folks who have enjoyed and learned about beekeeping through our course.

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How it Works and How To Participate

100% Online and 100% Free

In this course, we’ll guide you to be ready to confidently install your beehive. Read below how we deliver our course and how to participate.

PerfectBee Buzz Subscriber Benefits

We Offer Great Benefits For Subscribers Of Our Beekeeper’s Newsletter, PerfectBee Buzz

1. The entire course in your inbox

Our course builds your knowledge of beekeeping in three fascinating stages. Through regular emails, sent at the end of each section, we will deliver the full course, in a convenient, easy-to-absorb format.

Our articles are fun and fascinating and designed to gradually, easily and enjoyably build your knowledge of bees and beekeeping.

1. Learn About Bees

The Science of Bees

The Life of Bees

About Beekeeping

2. Your Beehive

Beehives and Accessories

Equipment and Clothing

Starting a Beehive

3. A Healthy Beehive

Threats to Bees

Inspecting Your Hive

Reaping the Rewards

2. New and Updated Beekeeping Articles

Beyond the course itself, many of our Facebook posts will include links to new or updated beekeeping articles on

How To Participate: Stay up to date on all new content through our Facebook page. We also keep you informed about new content through eMail when your course has concluded.

3. New This Year: Stage Quizzes!

As a little fun to test your knowledge. we’ve added a quiz at the end of each of the three stages.

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If you don’t see our eMails in your Inbox, make sure you allow [email protected] through any filter you might use.



“I wanted to thank you for creating your beekeeping course. I started with two hives this spring, but didn’t realize that in-person courses started before I started the process. Needless to say I had a ton of questions. I found quite a bit of information online, but your course was perfect…touching every topic that I had questions on and doing so in a very clear and precise manner


“No question, just a note to say thank you . I’m new to beekeeping, and I learned so much from your online class …learning as I go and loving every minute of it. I cant wait , every day , to check my hive . ”


“My comment is wow!!!! This first Lesson is incredible! ”





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