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Learn Beekeeping Through-The-Winter

Our unique, 3 month online course (Nov 1st - Jan 31st) helps you confidently start your first beehive next spring! Join 25,000 others who have already enjoyed our course.

Yes, you can become a beekeeper.... by next spring!

PerfectBee has helped over 25,000 folks discover the wonder and beauty of beekeeping through our unique Through-The-Winter Beekeeping Course.

We offer two great ways to learn - our free Introductory Beekeeping Course or PerfectBee Academy, a rich and detailed course with live webinars and just one benefit of our unique PerfectBee Colony membership.

Note: Both courses are for the new or inexperienced beekeeper.

We kicked off on November 1st - so register now (no credit card required). See below for details.

Colony Membership, with PerfectBee Academy

Our unique and low-cost membership - available through either a monthly or annual subscription* - offers great benefits to the new and experienced beekeeper including....

  • 90 articles, across all three stages‚Äč
  • 9 live webinars (recordings available after delivery)
  • Access to the members-only PerfectBee Colony Facebook group, to engage with other beekeepers
  • A regular beyond-the-basics eMail newsletter
  • Discounts at the PerfectBee Store
  • Just $14.99 per month or $149 per year (two months free) *

* No credit card required to register. Payment due before Nov 1st. Cancel anytime.

The PerfectBee Introductory Course

A streamlined - and free - course, delivered through eMail.

  • Over 40 great articles to get you started
  • Covers all 3 stages of the PerfectBee approach to learning beekeeping

About Our Course

Divided into three fascinating and enjoyable stages, each with three sections, our course builds your knowledge and establishes a wonderful foundation for your beekeeping.

Our free Introductory Course features 40 articles and PerfectBee Academy (a benefit of our popular Colony membership) features 90 rich articles plus live webinars.

Stage 1 : Learn About Bees

To kick off our course, we introduce you to the amazing, incredible world of the honeybee. Successful beekeepers understand how the bee lives her life, in and away from the hive.

Stage 1 offers a tremendous level of information, to set you up as you set out as a beekeeper. This stage includes the following sections.

  • The Science of Bees
  • The Life of Bees
  • About Beekeeping

Stage 2 : Your Beehive

In this second stage, we get practical! We'll introduce you to the common types of beehive and the accessories, tools and clothing you will need. We will guide you through the decisions you will make about placement, setup and more.

Then the fun begins - we'll explain the options available for obtaining your first bees and how to install them in their new home. Stage 2 includes the following sections.

  • Beehives and Accessories
  • Equipment and Clothing
  • Starting Your Beehive

Stage 3 : A Healthy Beehive

You have set up your hive. You've installed your bees and you are thrilled! But how do you help your bees stay healthy? That's the focus of our final stage, a detailed look at the major threats to bees and how you, as a beekeeper, can prevent and resolve issues.

This stage includes the following sections.

  • The Threats to Bees
  • Inspecting Your Beehive
  • Reaping the Rewards

Course Options

Introductory Course

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40 Beekeeping Articles

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PerfectBee Colony

Beekeeping membership (includes Academy)

$14.99 / month or $149 / year *

PerfectBee Academy Course

90 Beekeeping Articles

9 live webinars + access to recordings

9 Section Quizzes

Members-Only Facebook Group

Colony Cluster Online Beekeeping Meetings

Beyond-The-Basics Beekeeping Newsletter

PerfectBee Store Discounts

* No credit card required to register. Payment due before Nov 1st. Cancel anytime.

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This is an awesome program!