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The PerfectBee Online Beekeeping Course

How it Works and To How Participate

Our course is 100% online and 100% free. We'll guide you to be ready to confidently install your first beehive.

Read below how we deliver our course and how to participate.

Step-By-Step, Every Day...

We deliver a complete course that builds over three fascinating parts. New, fun content designed to gradually, easily and enjoyably build your knowledge of bees and beekeeping.

Our course is structured over 3 parts, each with 3 sections....

The Science of Bees

The Life of Bees

About Beekeeping

Beehives and Accessories

Equipment and Clothing

Starting a Beehive

Threats to Bees

Inspecting Your Hive

Reaping the Rewards

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  2. And when you are ready to move forward with your beekeeping journey, we offer exclusive subsciber discounts on beehives, equipment, clothing and more at the PerfectBee Beekeeper's Store

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New and Updated Articles

Associated with many of the Facebook posts will be links to associated new or updated beekeeping articles on PerfectBee.com.

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