1lb Beeswax Block

Our 1 lb yellow beeswax block is pure and unbleached.



  • Beeswax is a natural product and densities may vary, therefore weights are approximate.
  • One pound of wax makes roughly six “12” candles
  • For cosmetic use and candle making

Additional Information:

Beeswax is mainly made up of esters of fatty acids and is water insoluble when solid. It is able to float on water due to its gravity. By melting it in a vat of water one can “render” the wax and separate it from the other substances embedded in the wax, which sink to the bottom of the rendering vessel. The remnants of the rendering process are referred to as slum gum. Once rendered, the wax worker can further separate the wax by filtering it through various grades of filter cloth, leaving a delightful colored wax once the wax is poured into shaping blocks and cools to a solid state. There is no residue at the bottom of any of our wax.

It takes approximately 8 pounds of nectar for a honey bee colony to produce 1 lb. of wax!