Your Beehive : Stage Summary


Stage 2 of our course, Your Beehive, covered three sections:

  • Beehives and Accessories
  • Equipment and Clothing
  • Starting Your Beehive.

Augmenting our content in Stage 1 : Learn About Bees, these sections introduced you to the practical aspects of beekeeping.

Below we summarize what we covered in Stage 2 : Your Beehive. These articles introduced you to the common components of all beehives, with an emphasis on why they are each important to bees. Then we covered the various types of beehives commonly available today, including Flow Hive.

Next we looked at the tools, equipment and protective clothing you will need. Finally, we walked through the fun process of setting up your first beehive and bees!

Let’s look at each section in more detail.

Beekeeper using smoker

Section 2.1 : Beehives and Accessories

Many elements of beehive design have been with us for hundreds of years. The basic principles apply as well today as they ever did.

Beekeeper with smoker

Section 2.2 : Equipment and Clothing

Having looked at beehives, our next section investigated the various tools and pieces of equipment you need, along with the important topic of protective clothing

Inspecting a frame

Section 2.3 : Starting Your Beehive

Our final section covered the awesome event of setting up your first beehive!

And with that, we conclude Stage 2 : Your Beehive, which sets you up well for our final, important stage – A Healthy Beehive.