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PerfectBee Colony Affiliate Program

A fun and satisfying way to help fellow beekeepers enjoy, learn and save with their beekeeping - and for you to earn some money too.

Note: This program is available only to current Colony members.

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What Is The Colony Affiliate Program?

Our unique Colony membership offers many benefits to the hobbyist beekeeper, including our Academy course, webinars, store discounts, our members-only Facebook group and much more.

We want to spread the word about our membership - and we'll reward you handsomely if you give us a helping hand!

Put simply, if you refer a new, Colony member to us, we'll reward you while you are both active Colony members (not just at signup but every time they renew too).

How Our Affiliates Earn

Step 1 : Register as an affiliate (it's free!)

It's easy and simple to request your affiliate account (we review all requests before approval). If we approve your request you will be up and running in no time!

Our program is only available to current Colony members.

Step 2 : Spread the word (with your custom link).

Spread the world to family, friends and fellow beekeepers (for new beekeepers or current beekeepers, Colony has benefits for everyone).

Go tell 'em with the custom referral link we'll provide to you! You can do so by sending your link through eMail, adding to web sites or many other ways.

Step 3 : Start earning

When someone clicks on your referral link and signs up for Colony membership, you earn a 25% referral fee (or more - see below)...and we'll start tracking your earnings!

Step 4 : Watch your earnings grow

It's not just at signup you earn. Every time a referred member renews their membership (monthly or annual), we'll pay you a referral fee!

Refer more, earn more

Our tiered referral rates reward you more as you increase your referrals.

1 - 5 active referrals : 25%
6 - 14 active referrals : 30%
15+ active referrals : 40%

Affiliate dashboard

As an affiliate, you have access to a detailed dashboard showing your referrals and the money you earn.

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The Right Way To Affiliate!

  • Focus clearly on the benefits of Colony membership
  • Tell your beekeeping friends
  • Tell you beekeeping wannabee friends
  • If you have a website, link from there
  • Include it in your email signature
  • Don't use your affiliate link on coupon or deal sites
  • Don't falsely advertise PerfectBee in any manner...
  • Don't change our logos, banners or links
  • Don't use your own affiliate link for yourself
  • Don't do anything

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How does our affiliate program work?

It's simple, easy and transparent.

Once approved, we assign you a unique affiliate link. Just place that link on your website, in eMails you send and more. When you refer someone to us and they sign up for a Colony membership, you earn a commission. And then you will earn more every time they renew their membership.

Can anyone be an affiliate?


This is not one of those scammy affiliate programs! We care that Colony membership are truly interested and active in their beekeeping hobby.

So, we're restricting affiliates to those who clearly have an interest too, namely existing Colony members.

Tell me about payments


  • There are no limits on how much you can earn, while you remain in good standing as an affiliate.
  • When a new referral signs up for Colony membership we will credit your affiliate account within 30 days.
  • We send affiliate earnings once a month and when earnings have reached at least $25.

Do I need to be a Colony subscriber myself?

Yes. We currently require Colony membership for approval of individuals into our affiliate program.

NOTE: In the future  we may elect to companies and websites that we feel directly align with our beekeeping advocacy mission.

When Will A New Member Will Be Attributed To My Account?

Occasionally, your referral may take a couple of days to subscribe after clicking your link. Don't worry - we will make sure you have that customer locked-in for 30 days.

Do I Earn Fees For Purchases In the PerfectBee Store?

No. Our affiliate program is focused entirely on spreading the word about Colony membership.

Do I earn for both monthly and annual subscriptions?

Of course! For example, if you refer a new annual subscriber that's $25 (or more - see our tiered rewards above).

And if you refer a monthly subscriber we pay you every month you both remain members!

Do that a few times and it soon adds up.

What's the Catch?

There is no catch - we're just grateful when you help us spread the word about the benefits of Colony membership and this how we say thanks!

Of course, our legal folks slap us on the wrist if we don't have our Academy Agreement and our Terms and Conditions.

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How To Become An Afilliate

We are currently approving affiliates by invitation only.

If you would like to be considered as an affiliate, please contact us by clicking below , with a little context on your beekeeping interest and a quick note of how you plan to promote Colony membership.

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