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Complete 4-Box Langstroth Hive

A complete Langstroth hive, featuring four assembled boxes - two deeps to establish your colony and two mediums for when your bees need more space.
Complete 4-Box Langstroth Hive


Available in either 8 or 10 frame configurations, this beautiful beehive delivers the proven benefits of the traditional Langstroth design, with plenty of capacity to grow.

Built with care and using quality materials here in the US, this is an excellent and cost-effective option for both new and established beekeepers alike. A wide range of options allow you to build a configuration well-suited to your needs and preferences.

4 Assembled Pine Boxes
Two deep boxes provide the space the colony needs to establish and expand the brood chamber. The two medium boxes allow you to quickly add capacity, as your bees need more space to store honey and other essential resources.

The boxes are constructed from a quality, commercial grade pine, offering a reliable and trusted home for the colony.

Plastic or Wood Frames
We offer a number of choices of frames and foundation, to suit your preferences.

If you prefer the easy, extractor-friendly handling of plastic frames, then choose between black or white options. These full plastic frames are a frame and foundation all in one piece. The foundation is coated in a single layer coating of wax. Many beekeepers like to use black foundation in the brood (deep) boxes, which may help spot small eggs a little easier. White plastic is often used in the medium honey supers.

For a more natural option, many beekeepers like the choice of wooden frames, with crimped-wire wax foundation.

The 10 frame configuration includes a total of 40 frames, while the 8 frame hive includes 32 frames.

Solid or Screened Bottom Board
Choose from either a solid cedar and reversible bottom board or, as a component of your Varroa regime, a screened bottom board.

Deep Rim Inner Cover
The inner cover features a deeper rim than a regular cover.

An entrance reducer is also included.