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Complete Basic Hive (Assembled)

A simple, assembled kit for the minimalist that includes a deep hive body and plastic frames.



This is a complete hive with a single deep hive body. Expect to add additional equipment as the hive grows during the season. A typical colony uses 2 deep hive bodies for the brood area, and 3-4 medium boxes ("supers") for the honey.

Included with 8-Frame Option:

  • Telescoping Outer Cover
  • Standard Wooden Inner Cover
  • 1 Deep Hive Body Assembled
  • 8 Plastic Black Deep Frames
  • Reversible Bottom Board

Included with 10-Frame Option:

  • BeeMax telescoping outer cover for wooden hives
  • Standard wooden inner cover
  • 1 deep hive body assembled
  • 10 plastic black deep frames
  • Reversible bottom board
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