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Complete 2-Box Langstroth Hive

Complete assembled kit and a perfect way to start, whether adding a new colony to your bee yard, catching swarms or making splits.



This complete and assembled Langstroth hive includes all you need to start, with a number of choices for the hive you prefer.


Box Size : This hive is available with either 8 or 10 frame deep boxes. The boxes include the full compliment of frames (16 or 20 frames, respectively). They are manufactured in Maine, using Eastern White Pine and feature authentic box joints, predrilled nail holes and E-Z grip 6" hand holds.

Bottom Board : A solid, reversable bottom board is available or, for those with a preference for Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we offer a screened bottom board.

Foundation : The hive comes with a full complement of plastic frames with plastic foundation. The foundation is covered with a beeswax layer. We also offer the option of a heavy wax layer, which increases the possibility that your bees will take to the foundation quickly.

Also included

  • Telescoping Outer Cover
  • Wooden Inner Cover
  • Wooden Entrance Reducer
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